Leah Nash is the Chief Innovator


Leah NashLeah Nash has 15 years of experience in marketing and communication management, ranging in an array of different industries including associations, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, media, government and hospitality. She strongly believes that the best way to market to people is by targeting their core beliefs, making the inclination to act stronger. She also believes that personal relationships are the key to a successful life – both professionally and personally. Leah loves to connect people – when it makes sense – so that everyone can succeed.


The Trusted Source Advisory Board:

TS Jessica Nash

Jessica Nash

TS Rachel Canlas

Rachel Rivera

TS Ryan

Ryan Nash

TS Sarah

Sarah Stack







Leah is grateful to all of her previous team members/interns for their hard work. Here’s what they have to say about their experiences with Trusted Source:

TS Alexander

Alexander Pompee
“With Trusted Source, I was granted the opportunity to make an impact on the non-profits that strive to make my community amazing. I found I have a strong suit for social media management and thankful for my experiences with Leah.”
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Amber Jozwizk

Amber Jozwiak
“My internship with Trusted Source allowed me to gain real world knowledge of the consulting and marketing profession. This internship was a crucial stepping-stone to my full time position with the digital marketing firm: On Target Web Solutions. Leah focused my tasks based on my interests and was eager to teach me everything she could about the field of communication.”
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Cindy Marcellino
“I really enjoyed assisting Leah with the multiple projects she had from clients! I helped her make flyers, organize databases for projects, manage Facebook accounts and much more. My main strength from this internship was working on webpages and getting familiar with sites I have never used before. My experiences with Trusted Source will definitely benefit my future.”
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TS Muneca

Muneca Ramos
“I assisted Leah with Jingle Jam, the OWC Health Expo, Femfessional events and various projects Leah had my hands in. Trusted Source opened my eyes to a new form of marketing and gave me experience I needed to grow both professionally and personally. What Leah and Trusted Source stand for are incomparable to any other!”
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TS Karlene

Karlene Scarlett
“My internship with Trusted Source was valuable learning experience. I had the opportunity to work hands on with varies nonprofit organizations and assist with multiple events in the Orlando area. I enhanced my writing and communication skills by learning to write press releases, sponsorship proposals, and managing social media outlets. Overall the internship provided me with insight on what it takes to work in a fast paced environment. My internship prepared me for my current career as a Community Director with the March of Dimes Foundation. Leah has been an inspiration in my life and I would not be where I am today if it were not for the opportunity she gave me.”



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