June 2013

Looking Beyond

Today a swan hissed at me.  And I was scared.  And kind of mad.  But mainly scared that she was going to bite me.  Why was she hissing at me and not letting me walk on the sidewalk?  Swans can be very scary – and I did not even realize that they could hiss.  So I ran… away from the swan.  I was still mad. I was walking with a friend of mine around Lake Davis.  Lake Davis is a very popu
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Intern Insight: Chunky Fine, Filming and Funding

It’s been a busy week for Trusted Source Consulting, LLC. The Sisters: Take Charge event was last weekend and it was a great success. It was completely sold out with 500 attendees, and we met some really great people. I learned that I was Chunky Fine and that I should have more fun when getting dressed in the morning. I have never seen better style in one area then I did at that event. We also had
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Intern Insight: Branding is Fun!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! This week at Trusted Source I’ve been creating a logo for one of our clients. Well, it’s sort of a logo extension and not a logo creation, but I have fun with it either way! Remember the flyer that I showed you last week?  It was presented at the Downtown South Board of Directors meeting and everyone loved it, so that was EXCITING news!! I have also been trying to learn Prezi. I ha
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Downtown South Board of Directors – Orlando Sentinel

Leah Nash is the newest member of the Downtown South Board of Directors.  Credit: Orlando Sentinel {June 2013}.
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Intern Insight: Amber’s First Blog!

Hello Readers! My name is Amber and I’m the summer intern for Trusted Source Consulting, LLC. I help Leah with anything and everything that she might want such as social media updates, database construction and flyer design. I’m usually not much of a blogger but I figured I would try it out. This week, I made the final touches on a flyer for Downtown South. I got to use both Photoshop and Illustra
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Life Love Shopping – Miss Representation

Life Love Shopping
Leah Nash represented FemFessionals about why so many chapters, including FemCity Orlando, are screening MissRepresentation, a documentary about how women are devalued in media and are underrepresented in leadership roles.  The segment was shown nationwide on Life. Love. Shopping. on June 4, 2013.  Life. Love. Shopping. is shown on OXYGEN, Punch TV and online.
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Brunch, Swap = Win For All

Just over a year ago, I founded the FemCity Orlando Chapter of FemFessionals, a national organization whose mission is to connect ambitious women.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew that I wanted to put together a place for women to connect on a regular basis in a real, sincere way.  I was glad when I was approached by FemFessionals to start the Orlando chapter.  The Femfessional
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MG Took Away My Smile

June is Myasthenia Gravis* {MG} Awareness month.  With all of the health awareness months out there, why would I be concerned with a disease that only affects 200 out of 100,000 Americans?  Because I happen to be one of those affected with MG.  Early in 2008, I started experiencing symptoms of MG.  I have a mild/moderate case of MG so the symptoms began occurring infrequently.  Because I was unawa
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