May 2013

Downtown South Board of Directors – SODO News

Leah Nash has been elected to the 2013-2014 Downtown South Board of Directors.  Credit: SODO News {May 2013}
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Keeping Conversation Flowing

It has been nearly a week since the Miss Representation screening and discussion at Urban ReThink and I still cannot be happier with the turnout.  So many successes to report, such as: Over 70 people were in attendance and the audience included men, women, moms, teens, etc.  We considered 60 attendees a sell out! Over $600 was raised at the event and over $500 is going back to Urban Think Foundati
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Miss Representation Screening & Discussion Video

Miss Representation Video
Trusted Source Chief Innovator Leah Nash was featured in a video about the May 22, 2013 Miss Representation showing and discussion at Urban ReThink, produced by FemCity Orlando and Women and Film in Television Florida.
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Yow = Wow

This weekend, I participated in an Orlando tradition, the Fringe Festival.  To me, Fringe is a win on so many levels.  It highlights downtown Orlando, especially Loch Haven Park which is a City of Orlando owned park*, as well as the venues located there and throughout downtown Orlando, it supports the creative community – more specifically, the creative community who takes the time/money/dri
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Ain’t Miss Representin’

Last year, I watched a documentary called Miss Representation.  It is a documentary about how women are being misrepresented in media and are under represented in politics and other leadership roles.  I went with a friend of mine who wanted to discuss it afterwards.  I couldn’t talk about it for weeks, maybe months, because it caused me to self reflect a lot. According to the film, misrepres
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Learning Moments

Today is what I call a Downtown South kind of day since I have three meetings scattered throughout the day for this organization.  It makes me wonder, Why would I dedicate so much of my valuable time to one organization?  The reason is simple: I believe in community.  More specifically, I believe in MY community. Since I opened my company, Trusted Source Consulting, LLC, in December 2011, I actual
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